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Ep.92 – Guest episode with Dr Diane Hamilton: Speaker, 5 x Author, Behavioural Expert and creator of the Curiosity Code

By Simon Banks | June 18, 2024 | 0 Comments

Behavioral Expert, Author, Speaker and Curiosity Guru!  Dr Diane Hamilton is an expert in curiosity, perception, emotional intelligence, and behavioural science with nearly four decades of real-world experience and creator of the Curiosity Code Index®,…

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What’s the show about?

Would you like to fulfill your potential to be the curious, creative, and imaginative star that you are, or would like to be? You already know in your bones that you are a creative beast, but maybe you just don't quite know how to unleash it – perhaps it’s an ignored talent in writing, leading innovation at work or simply underwater basket weaving.

Every fortnight, John, a mild-mannered, middle-aged British man with a love of curiosity and philosophy, and a slightly louder, middle-aged Australian surfer man, artist and published author on creativity chat with guests drawn from many walks of life who have woven creativity, curiosity and play into their everyday lives - and thrived personally and professionally in the process.

So, if you would like to listen to a “not so serious business podcast” and would like some thoughts, tools, and tips on staying curious, creative and asking those really great questions (and leading a most interesting life in the process) then this is the podcast you have been waiting for all your life. Well, maybe not all your life, but for a while…

And why a ‘not so serious business’ podcast’? Whilst your business (and ours) is a serious business, we felt that after the year of 2020 there is enough seriousness in the world without us adding any more. And we have tried it (being serious) and it just didn’t work.


Ep. 81 In the Wild with Dr.Samuel West at the Global Innovation Forum, London

By Simon Banks | December 7, 2023

In this special, ‘In the Wild’ episode , The Occupational Philosophers get out of the studio (well, one of them does) to have a nice, cosy fireside chat in a London pub, with Dr Samuel…

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Ep.80 – Inbetweeners – What is Philosophy?

By Simon Banks | November 16, 2023

In this short, sharp Inbetweener episode, The Occupational Philosophers discuss “What is Philosophy”, after a teenager asked Simon that very question and he struggled a little to answer! He set off to explore and their…

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Ep 79 – Inbetweeners – Introducing The Parkers – Radio drama

By Simon Banks | November 6, 2023

In this short, sharp inbetweener episode, The Occupational Philosophers introduce their latest experiment, a new Radio play, The Parkers! Listen as Simon tries to convince John this is a good idea, before they lead you…

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Ep.78 – Inbetweeners: High or Low Curiosity? Whats an NFC? Say what?

By Simon Banks | October 26, 2023

In this short-ish, sharp-ish inbetweener episode, The Occupational PHilosophers explore a test for curiosity called The need for cognition (NFC) What is the NFC?  It’s a personality variable reflecting the extent to which individuals are inclined towards effortful…

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Ep 77 Guest episode with Dr Marco Motta, expert in data analysis & visualisation, philosophy doctorate, and funk-rock musician!

By Simon Banks | October 18, 2023

In Episode 65, The Occupational Philosophers chat with Dr Marco Motta, who specialises in data analysis and visualisation, with a strong track-record transforming the performance reporting culture of large organisations. He marries this with a…

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Ep.76 – Inbetweeners – How the light gets in

By Simon Banks | October 11, 2023

In this short, sharp Inbetweener episode, The Occupational Philosophers discuss what John discovered when he attended the recent ‘How the Light Gets In’ festival in London; a curly mash up of philosophy, music and comedy:…

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Ep. 75: Guest episode with Chi Ryan – Global design guru, writer, researcher, lecturer & all round creative polymath.

By Simon Banks | October 5, 2023

In episode 75, The Occupational Philosophers chat with Design Guru, Chi Ryan.   Chi is a designer, writer, researcher, learner, educator and all round creative polymath. She is obsessed with design that puts experience first…

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Ep.74 – Inbetweeners – Sweet dreams are made of this

By Simon Banks | September 21, 2023

In this short, sharp inbetweener episode, The Occupational Philosophers explore dreams and how they reveal the wild jungle of our mind! We have all had those bizarre dreams which connect random and seemingly disparate ideas;…

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Ep.73 – Guest episode with Professor Sophie Scott – Author, Ted Talker, Comedian and Neuroscientist

By Simon Banks | September 13, 2023

In Episode 73, The Occupational Philosophers chat with Professor Sophie Scott, who is the Director of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London and a Fellow of the British Academy.    Sophie is an…

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Listener Reviews

"We always make sure we listen to Simon and John - they have something almost as interesting as us to say about life, creativity and taking care of woven felt hairpieces"

- Bert & Ernie

"Awful. If I had known this is what he was up to in his garden office, I would have divorced him ages ago"

- Sally Banks

"These boys are pure genius, particularly John, as he always seems to have something funny and insightful to say. Simon has a funny accent."

- Mrs T Rice

“If they had of been alive in our time, we would have been best friends. Chin strokers of the highest order”

- Aristotle and Socrates

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